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Why Join BMPA

The whole is larger than sum of its parts and the whole flourishes with more additions to the sum. Your membership in the THE BMPA will lead you from an isolated ‘I’ to a part of a prospering ‘Industry’; it makes you a part of an association that has stood the test of time, that has intervened at important junctures since past more than 50 years to represent the interest of the printing community.

THE BMPA is you, it’s members, more than 500, represent the city’s printing industry and companies that provide services to the industry. A membership with THE BMPA integrates you with the larger national community; the THE BMPA affiliated with the Maharashtra Mudran Parishad at the state (provincial) level and is assembled under the fulcrum organisation – All India Federation of Master Printers (a New Delhi based nodal rep of the printing industry) at the national level and is well networked with its other 56 associations from all over India.

A membership with THE BMPA is your impetus to the formation a collective industry that voices concerns at the right time to the right people. Members benefit from its experience and expertise in handling matters important to the community. With its objective to promote and protect the printing industry, the THE BMPA constantly endeavours to render meaningful service to its members such as:

To Facilitate meeting of members for business purposes. To be a repository of information related to the industry and a medium of communication among members for discussing all matters related to the printing and lithography industry
To Seek an amendment or reversal of legislation injurious to the industry and promote legislations beneficial to the industry or its members; in addition Advice members on legal and regulatory issues.
To Call Attention to the effects of foreign tariffs and commercial treaties on the business of members involved in imports or affected by it.
To Arbitrate, when requested, in a dispute between two member companies or between a member and a non-member company.
To Promote technical education among workmen and to provide assistance to institutes imparting education in the field of printing technology. Also to collate, educate and promote International Best Practices in technical, commercial and operational aspects of this industry.
To Co-Operate with other associations and federations with similar objectives and to nominate members to represent the association in various trade bodies who will put forth suggestions in the interest of the members. To Defend the interests of the members against workmen/unions seeking to disrupt smooth operations through strikes, agitations and other methods.