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What is the StB

The Share to Benefit (StB) Forum is an active initiative taken by the BMPA. The Forum was conceived at the 2007 edition of Print Summit under the mentorship of Pranav Parikh (TechNova Imaging Systems) and P Narendra (Pragati Offset).

The StB Forum is primarily a platform for sharing of experience and knowledge. The very first meeting of this radically new concept (group) was held in May 2007.

Presently, the StB Forum consists of 20 members of the BMPA who meet once a month to discuss various industry-related and other holistic issues. Besides meeting every month there is also a regular exchange of views and knowledge sharing amongst the StB-ians via email.

The Project-in-Charge (PIC) for StB Faheem Agboatwala along with the motley group of members popularly referred to as StB’ians share openly as per the StB’s founding tradition.

Membership to the StB is via invitation and interview. Before the end of each StB Season (term), lasting typically between 12 to 15 months or more, the BMPA fans out applications amongst the BMPA’s member-base. On receiving duly filled forms, all new, first-time, applicants are invited to a personal interview with the PIC. Renewing members are evaluated on basis of their performance for purpose of confirming membership to the StB.

At present the Share-to-Benefit Forum is operating under the edition of Season 5 (since Aug 2014) and following members of the BMPA are enrolled under it.

 Season  Name  Company
Season 5 Mr. Amit Shah Spectrum Scan Pvt. Ltd.
Season 5 Mr. Animesh Kejriwal Parksons Graphics
Season 5 Mr. Ankit Tanna Printmann
Season 5 Mr. Ankul Nanavaty Unik Printers Pvt Ltd
Season 5 Mr. Arun Rawat QOT Packaging
Season 5 Mr. Ashok Jain Akar Ltd
Season 5 Mr. Ashutosh Agarwal Poornima Printers
Season 5 Mr. Dev Nair Kohinoor Printers.
Season 5 Mr. Faheem Agboatwala Hi-tech Printing Serv. Pvt. Ltd.
Season 5 Mr. Fred Poonawala Comart Lithographers Ltd.
Season 5 Mr. Iqbal Kherodawala Printline Reproductions Pvt Ltd
Season 5 Mr. Jehangir Surti Prodon Enterprises
Season 5 Mr. Mehul Desai Mail Order Solutions India Pvt Ltd
 Season 5 Mr. Milap Shah PrintStop India Pvt. Ltd.
 Season 5 Mr. Pratik Shah PrintStop India Pvt. Ltd.
 Season 5 Mr. Prithviraj Desai Mail Order Sol. (I) Pvt Ltd
 Season 5 Mr. Rahul Jain Akar Ltd
 Season 5 Mr. Rupesh Sawant Superlekha
 Season 5 Mr. Vishwamdev Bhotica SAPCO
 Season 5 Mr. Nitin Shah Award Offset Ptrs & Pkg Pvt Ltd
Season 5 Mr. Vivek Tibrewala GP Offset Pvt Ltd