• PS24 Online Registration ends on 17th January at 12 noon. Registration will be available on the spot at the venue.
  • PS24 Online Registration ends on 17th January at 12 noon. Registration will be available on the spot at the venue.

Share to Benefits

What is StB?

The StB (Share to Benefit) was conceived by the BMPA in 2007 primarily to address the challenges faced by Print Converter.
It consists of a group of Print Converters of varying scales and sizes, who service different verticals and product mixes and meet once a month with an agenda to share their knowledge and experiences selflessly with one another.

With the help of digitization, StB is not restricted to Mumbai and we now have Non-Mumbai members who join the meetings online & meet physically a couple of times a year.

To spread this movement widely, we are happy to welcome new members to the StB. To apply please email [email protected]

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Active Since

May 2007

Total Members




Our Mission

All the 12 members of the BMPA meet once a month to discuss various industry-related and other holistic issues. Besides meeting every month there is also a regular exchange of views and knowledge sharing amongst the StB’ians via email.

Why StB?

  • Engage with like-minded peers

  • Scale up your business

  • Get technical expertise from experienced fellow converters

  • Learn new perspectives on business

Key Members

Pranav Parikh

TechNova Imaging Systems


Narendra Paruchuri

Pragati Offset


Faheem Agboatwala

Hi-Tech Printing Services


Member list

Mr. Ankit Tanna

Printmann Offset

Mr. Ankul Nanavaty

Unik Printers

Mr. Anuj Bhargava

Kumar Labels

Mr. Ayush Jain

Vijayshri Packaging

Mr. Deep Shah

DOT Printers (Arihant Enterprises)

Mr. Faheem Agboatwala

Hi-Tech Printing Services

Mr. Milap Shah

PrintStop India

Mr. Pratik Shah

PrintStop India

Mr. Prithviraj Desai

Mail Order Solutions India

Mr. Sahil Rao


Mr. Samir Parikh

Vandana Graphics

Mr. Vishwamdev Bhotica

Shree Arun Packaging Co.

Mr. Manu Choudhury

CDC Printers, Kolkata

BMPA members who have benefited from the StB

  • Amit Shah – Spectrum Scan
  • Anil Daniel – Anitha Art Printers
  • Animesh Kejriwal – Parksons Graphics
  • Ankit Tanna – Printmann Group
  • Ankul Nanavaty – Unik Printers
  • Arun Rawat – DOT Packaging
  • Arun Shah -Arun Brothers
  • Ashok Jain – Akar
  • Ashutosh Agarwal – Poornima Printers
  • Bimal Mehta – Vakil & Sons
  • Bobbie Phillips – Velpack
  • Dev Nair-Kohinoor Printers
  • Faheem Agboatwala – Hi-tech Printing Services
  • Fred Poonawala -Comart Lithographers
  • Iqbal Kherodawala – Printline Reproductions
  • Jehangir Surti – Prodon Enterprises
  • Jitesh Agarwal – Print & Pack
  • Mehul Desai – Mail order Solutions
  • Milap Shah – PrintStop
  • Pratik Shah – PrintStop
  • Prithviraj Desai – Mailorder Solutions
  • Rahul Jain -Akar
  • Rohit Dhanani – Sigma Printers
  • Rupesh Sawant – Superlekha
  • Shashank Shah – Jayant Printery
  • Tushar Bhotica – Sapco
  • Uday Dhote – Dhote Offset Technokrafts
  • Vishwamdev Bhotica – Sapco
  • Nitin Shah – Award Offset
  • Vishwanath Shetty – The Print Works
  • Vivek Tibrewala – GP Offset

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How to Become a Member?

  • Membership to the StB is via invitation and interview.

  • Before the end of each StB Season (term), lasting typically between 12 to 15 months or more, the BMPA fans out applications amongst the BMPA’s member base.

  • On receiving duly filled forms, all-new, first-time, applicants are invited to a personal interview with the PIC.

  • Renewing members are evaluated on basis of their performance for purpose of confirming membership to the StB.

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