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Study Tour 2018 at Bobst & KBA

Study Tour 2018 at Bobst & KBA

BMPA’s International Study Tours

2014: First visit was to Heidelberg, Germany. Heidelberg organised a workshop about value addition. Polar/IST and the four print houses shared critical insights into the human and material management. The key takeaways from the customer visits included efficient inventory control and comprehensive costing.

2015: Second visit was to Singapore, HP demo centre. A workshop about digital technologies followed by a customer visit enriched the learning experience. Then the participants visited Japan: Sakurai to learn more about innovations in value additions with the screen; Komori manufacturing to learn about the marquee Japanese quality and service; and finally to Ricoh Innovation and R&D.

2018: The third visit was to BOBST and KBA in May and June this year.

BMPA has always strived to deliver unique and innovative learning experiences; international study tours are one such example.

It is amazing to see how BOBST and KBA pay attention to minutest of the details to deliver quality products to their customers.” Mr Desai also shared an interesting observation, “Over the years, customisation has become a key aspect of even equipment buying; it reflects here at BoBST and KBA.”

BMPA organised its third international industrial visit to BOBST, KBA and a BOBST-customer from May 27 to June 1. The five nights and six days tour offered its xx participants from Mumbai’s print-fraternity to visit and interact with top executives from two leading global print technology manufacturers and their customers. The BMPA-convoy visited Lausanne in Switzerland to see BOBST’s manufacturing and a visit to its customer followed by the stay and visit to KBA in Dresden, Germany.

Firoze Reshamwala, member of the BMPA Managing Committee and a participant of the tour shares that he was inspired by the level land efficient use of automation and systems, but he also highlights that the use of small systems at the packaging level, like different coloured taps for top and the bottom of the box, has caught his attention. “The customer visit to a BOBST customer awed me with the scale of operations and the use of latest technology,” Mr Reshamwala adds, “avoiding manual interventions and paying attention to systems to deliver consistent quality day after day is the key learning for me from this tour.”

Agreeing with Mr Reshamwala, Mr Desai also underlines the SOPs and their immaculate implementation at these companies that ensure fewer errors and mistakes. “SOPs help them improve and sustain quality, while automation helps in improving efficiency. no doubt these companies are so well operated.” Decoding the cost-paradigm of automation in the Indian context, Mr Desai adds, “No double, automation involves higher initial costs, but to the extent possible, if we adopt automation to bring efficiency in operations, it will lead to increased productivity at better quality.

Coordinate, explore, and progress

BMPA is one of the most progressive associations in the country, and I cannot emphasise the importance of the role BMPA plays in organising the industrial visits,” highlights Mehul A. desai, President, BMPA. Hard work and coordination it is that makes these international tours possible and so hugely successful. It all began with a simple thought. Mr Shah shares, “When we decided at BMPA to explore the possibilities of the international tours for members, I thought of discussing with print technology manufacturers. Direct interaction of the printers with manufacturers would help printers with insights into the global standards of quality and operations.”

Mr Shah and BMPA team’s efforts have paid dividends as printers have had ample learning and bonding opportunities during all the BMPA industrial visits. “In Japan, Y. Komori, the owner of Komori Corporation personally attended and spent two days with our printers sharing a great amount of information and experience with each one of us,” fondly remembers Mr Shah.

BMPA study tour participants had the opportunity to visit the statue of the legendary singer in Switzerland.

A statue in Montreux, Switzerland, by sculptor Irena Sedlecká, was erected as a tribute to Mercury. It stands almost 10 feet (3 metres) high overlooking Lake Geneva and was unveiled on 25 November 1996 by Mercury’s father and Montserrat Caballé, with bandmates Brian May and Roger Taylor also in attendance. Beginning in 2003 fans from around the world have gathered in Switzerland annually to pay tribute to the singer as part of the “Freddie Mercury Montreux Memorial day” on the first weekend of September. The Bearpark And Esh Colliery Band played at the Freddie Mercury statue on 1 June 2010. Source: en.wikipedia.org

As individual business owners and printers, we would not have got access to so many senior people, or would not have had the personal interactions, or be guided through various manufacturing stages by top executives if not for the BMPA industrial visits. This was all thanks to BMPA and our PIC Mr Shah who organised these tours. I look forward to these tours as they offer great learning opportunities,” Mr Desai sums up the journey and the importance of BMPA industrial visits.

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