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Seekho aur Samjho (SaS) 18-19

Seekho aur Samjho (SaS) 18-19

Periodic Knowledge & Know-How Workshops for Supervisors and Staff (an initiative by the BMPA, PrintWeek India, GIPT & SIES’ GST)

Greetings Dear Member,
It’s time for return of the Seekho aur Samjho (SaS) by BMPA. SaS now comes back to you in a new, repurposed, revitalised Avataar.

The goal at SaS is to have fully booked sessions power packed with gyaan and superb takeaway comprising of hands-down practical solutions from experts of a given domain.

To give more push to this Seekho Aur Samjho, the BMPA is now set to launch SaS-2 beginning April 2018. We continue to host the sessions at GIPT and SIES GST with support from PrintWeek India. What has changed are some basic tenets with regards to registration and participation.

Here’s How SAS-2 Will Work:
– Max 25 delegates per session
– Rs.1000/- + GST per delegate per session (Confirmation required for seat required with charges paid for in full and advance for entire series of sessions under SaS-2. Names can be shared later and substituted at will.)
– Rs. 2000/- + GST per delegate per session for walk-ins on the day (should there be seats to take)
– Tea/coffee and snacks will be extended to all participants
– Timings will be 1500 to 1800 hrs although subject to speakers convenience and any contingency that may arise.

How to Register?
– The sessions we have planned is given below in detail. To register make out a payment in advance and in-full per delegate registered by you. For eg: If your company is enrolling 2 delegates to SaS-2 then your payment would be 1,000 x 5 sessions x 2 participants = 10,000 + 18% GST. Delegate names can be shared later and substituted at will.
– All payments by cheque and in favour of The Bombay Master Printers’ Association.
– Necessary GST Invoice and Receipt will be issued to you for purpose of ITC at the time of receiving payment.

We look forward to empowering you and your team with significant know-how over all sessions of SaS-2.
Your suggestions are important and invited over email to <office@bmpa.org>

Help us make SaS-2 a success!

Best wishes,

Iqbal Kherodawala

Content of SaS-2

Subject Synopsis VenueDates
How to improve Productivity by improving Teamwork Teamwork is extremely important in not only achieving quality targets, but is also necessary for achieving lower costs. GIPT 7th April
Print Related Issues for Commercial and Packaging Finishing Session for Senior Production team members and those involved in Finishing departments SIES 21st July
How to Handle Chemicals with probable hazardous nature for Man & machine With newer norms for Environmental controls as
well as stricter labour laws, it is now important that
we have regular training sessions in worker safety
and their ability to handle Press room Chemicals
SIES 6th October
How to Enthuse Press-Owners to Motivate their workers With changes in owner-labour relations, motivation
has become a key to better productivity and
smoother interpersonal relations
GIPT 9th Feb
How to Dispose off :
Inks/Chemicals/UV Lamps/Printed sheets
With stricter Environmental laws, this subject
becomes fundamentally an important but neglected
area of Hazardous waste disposal
GIPT 6th April

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