Meet the Artistes

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LET'S MERGE — Unravel the mysteries behind Indo Jazz collaborations.
Dhanashree Pandit Rai and Merlyn D'souza demonstrate the musical blend of Indian & Western scales. Let's Merge endeavours to expound,demonstrate and perform contemporary music includes an Indo-Western blend of classics from Khayal, Thumri, Gazals, Sufi and Rock n Roll as also Mozart...Beatles...Sony Rollins...Brubeck, and a touch of classics from Bollywood; exploring it all in a unique way and allowing the audience to understand how the Indian and the western scales merge and mingle.

About the artists

Dhanashree Pandit Rai (left) — India's leading Thumri and Indian Classical vocalist has regaled audiences around the globe with her concerts,workshops,lecture demonstrations. She is also widely known for her collaborations with renowned Jazz and World music artists. Her unmistakable musical feel for fusion has propelled her into the musical limelight globally.

Merlin Dsouza — The country's only leading Lady Composer, Pianist and Music Director who has lent her musical wizardry to productions in Theatre, Advertising, Sonic Branding, Albums, Concerts and Bollywood Film industry. From the Blue Note in the US, to Hennessy Jazz Ambassador, to Europe ... she continues to perform produce and create new musical pathways in her endeavor of her unique Sound of Music! Recent Awardee of World Leadership Inspirational Women Congress for Music.