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Membership Categories

The BMPA is an amalgamation of interest of all companies in the printing ecosystem that includes – pre-press, pre-media specialists, package printing, commercial printing, post-press and converting, print providers, agencies and printers’ suppliers.

The memberships fall under three broad categories –

  • Member – For entities that are directly involved in “Printing Industry”:
    “Printing Industry” also include business of type-setting, processing, plate making, block making, varnishing and glazing, binding, plate or paper graining, paper or board laminating, dye and foil stamping or such similar process.All entities persons, whether individual, partnership firms, companies, Body Corporate or other Associations of persons engaged primarily in commercial production in the “Printing Industry” and owning an operative plant or manufacturing unit for the purpose are eligible for enrolment as Members of the Association.
  • Invitee– A person sympathising with the aims and objects of the Association and/or desiring to
    participare. in any or more activities of the Association’ and ‘any person of eminence, or who has contributed to the development or advancement of the printing industry, or who have been helpful in promoting the interests or activities of the Association invited by committee’.
  • Invitee Group Printer(IGP)– IGP means a person or business having an operational business within the scope of printing industry that is operating beyond the geographical area of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai , Thane and Panvel districts. The position of an IGP shall be on par with an Invitee to the Association.

Applications made under any of the above categories are subject to the receipt of (A) duly filled form with prescribed fees and (B) requisite approval of the Managing Committee.

Membership Application Form can be downloaded here. Membership application form

Alternately if your prefer that we contact you then please drop us an email at admin@bmpa.org or telephone us on +022-24934654 / 24970912

Duly filled Forms must be sent to (email scan of the form is not acceptable):

The BMPA Secretariat
108 R G ThadaniMarg,
Mumbai – 400018