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Getting Consistent and Reliable Production from your Investment through Standardisation

Getting Consistent and Reliable Production from your Investment through Standardisation

Quote: Money saved = Money earned.

Getting Consistent and Reliable Production from your Investment through Standardisation

The BMPA in conjunction with PAPER – Pressman Academy for Print Education & Resource, a Chennai based venture that undertakes academic consultancy and is an extension of Pressman Solutions organized a workshop on June 26th in Mumbai. This was PAPER’s sixth such workshop in India and the very first in Mumbai.

The workshop was targeted at an audience comprising of press-room personnel and supervisors. As such it was open to all and there were a handful of owners too in a group of more that fifty-five delegates from both commercial and packaging industry members of the BMPA. The program was held in western suburbs in Hotel Karl Residency, Andheri (West), so as to improve accessibility for members.

Registration for the event was swift and the programme commenced as per schedule by 10.15 am with an introduction by K Panthala Selvan. A salient feature of this session was that it came to be rendered in Hinglish and remained bilingual to the advantage of all. With kind support from BMPA , many printers enthusiastically participated in the seminar program .

Mr. Panthala had obtained the co-operation of four noted speakers, each representing a domain of excellence respectively A Madhan Kumar (Provin – Delhi – Ryobi/Mitsubishi ), Milind Kale (Technova, Pressroom Chemicals), Rohan Kulkarni (Kodak, Mumbai) and K.Panthala Selvan ( UGRA Print Consultant, from PAPER-Pressman Academy ).

It was heartening to have faculty members and students from GIPT and SIES-GST to attend and participate in the workshop.

Session 1 by K Panthala Selvan was titled “upto 50% discount”. Selvan gave a detailed explanation about the importance of periodical training program for man power and how their skills can be improved. He stressed the importance of repeated training program to work force and how vendors can contribute towards improving skills and knowledge. Additionally he spoke about periodical machine calibration and maintenance and underscored the importance of following these basics. Panthala elaborated on the need to prepare documents like SOP (Standard Operating Procedures), implementing QC workflow, Colour management system for inkjet /digital and offset. He finally concluded with how people can save money by optimum utilization of Men, Machine, Material and Method which in tandem can all contribute towards better efficiency and save money. He emphasized on Money saved = Money earned. Selvan extended an interesting proposition to all participants at the event – Pressman Academy will offer 50% discount for undertaking all press calibration for attendee wanting to up their performance. Additionally Pressman Academy also offered half a day of complimentary session to participants who wish to have a print quality evaluation of their press or want to undertake an onsite-training program for its team.

The second session was delivered by Rohan Kulkarni – Dy. Manager from Kodak, Mumbai. His presentation commenced with effective solutions at the prepress stage of the workflow. Rohan highlighted features for PDF conversion and PDF Preflighting. The factors to be checked in Preflighting were also discussed and how following these can help reduce rejection of prints. The forum obtained a better understanding on different RIP settings, Resolutions, Dot shapes and sizes. The Q&A received queries related to plate calibrations. Kulkarni also explained the plate calibration process which includes focus test, power test , beam slope etc. He concluded with processor settings and plate QC process .

Session 3 came up post lunch and was handled by A Madhan Kumar – a press specialist from Provin – Indian agents for Mitsubishi/Ryobi. Kumar covered in depth about machine settings, roller settings, process control, make-ready process, optimum ink water balance, measuring colour in printed sheet etc., This session witnessed heightened engagement especially since there were was an impressive turnout of press operators at the event. Madhan Kumar took questions over creating curve for units and discussed some machine settings. He briefed the audience on the stages of press calibration .

The final session of the day was rendered by Milind Kale – Business Development Manager, Technova Imaging Systems. Milind made a presentation on pressroom chemicals and chemistry. He elaborately covered different press room chemicals used, the requirements of base water, how to choose fount and mixing technique, importance of pH and conductivity and process control parameters, applications of roller wash and blanket washes. Milind also spoke about common problems related to press room chemistry and common mistakes related to handling chemistry. He cautioned the audience “no chemicals are safe,” and advised the delegates on safety parameters.

The overall feedback on the programme was quite impressive and the program format has been appreciated.

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