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BMPA’s Carton Forum Launched

BMPA’s Carton Forum Launched

BMPA Carton Forum Launched

Its been a project in the making. One whose need has been felt for a while now. And the BMPA is quite thrilled to have a special dedicated cell within its fold to look after the specialized needs of folded carton manufacturers via its recently launched BMPA Carton Forum.

Conceptualised in early 2014, members of the BMPA’s Carton Forum were quick to realize that the way to popularise this project would be through a formal launch. The group of Carton Forum members under the Chairmanship of Tushar Bhotica of Shree Arun Packaging started working in this direction and firmed up June 13th as the mission day for the forum’s launch.

At the launch, held at Sunville Banquets in central Mumbai, Mr. Bhotica put out a rationale for the forum’s genesis. He said “In the last 60 years of the BMPA, the printing industry has come a long way from being Master Printers who focused on Commercial printing, to now, like many of us, changing and evolving into Packaging converters, the highest growth segment of Sheet-Fed offset printing. This has brought about new concerns and new challenges before all of us, for the present and for the future, for this particular segment of printing. Thus has come the need to evolve a platform which addresses issues of this vertical. By bringing together the converters under the BMPA roof, to a Forum dedicated and focused on its needs, we are sure to succeed in doing so.”

Other attendees present at the launch were manufacturers and printers’ providers. Tushar Bhotica in his welcome address extended the forum’s hand to this group of industry stake holders, he said :” In line with our first objective, today on the occasion of the formal launch of this Forum, we have invited our industry partners from the major Capital goods and Raw material vendors, Trade association members, to join us. I wish to state that the objective of this forum is to ensure that while our members grow and prosper with the action on our objectives, we also want you, our industry partners to work with us, hand-in-hand and move towards a situation of mutual trust and confidence, which benefits all of us. There are many areas of improvement where all of us can work by understanding each others problems, and look for lasting solutions. I earnestly request all our partners to come forward to succeed in this key objective.

BMPA Carton Forum having pan India goals

At the launch event the forum’s Chairperson expressed “We shall try to take along Packaging converters from other regions on an all-India basis. This is with the objective to make a Pan-India impact on important issues, as we go along. This will be done by inviting such converters from various regions and their regional associations, through our parent body the BMPA.”

The BMPA had sought the participation of Ashok Goel, Managing Director and Vice Chairman of the Essel Propack, to preside over the launch as its Chief Guest.

In his talk, Mr. Goel shared his companies journey with the 100-plus audience as to how he brought his company back to life after few incredible stumble blocks in the initial years.

Goel seemed to suggest that the secret to success in building any business isn’t such a mystery. He used terms like – ‘challenge the status quo,’ ‘people power’ and referred to the time and motion studies from where one can build a platform for future growth. “Create a strong local market position, solid capabilities and technologies, and nurture your people as a platform from where you can build a business that can propel further growth,” said Goel.

Essel Propack started its operation by producing 60 tubes a minute and today has the machinery capabilities of producing 500 tubes a minute. “All along we challenged our R&D team, and our material and machinery suppliers to help us produce the best and with speed,” he said. “Additionally, we started patenting our products. This prevented our innovations from getting replicated.” said Goel concluding his speech. Today, Essel has more than 100 patents in its name.

Explaining the need for such a forum in his launch speech, the project-in-charge Tushar Bhotica said that the packaging is the highest growth segment of sheetfed offset printing.

BMPA Carton Forum Objectives

In the initial stages, we shall focus on certain basic objectives.

i. Recognition for the forum as a representative body of the packaging vertical by all stakeholders across the industry, and its related companies/associations like paper/ink/machinery/trade bodies, etc.

ii. Financial health and related issues, Tax matters

iii. Technical knowledge seminars

iv. Industry price, process and rate standards.

v. Future development of the industry.

Become a member of BMPA Carton Forum

The business should first be a valid member of the BMPA, and have a formal packaging set up comprising of minimum equipment:

a. Multi-color printing machine

b. Coating machine (in line or off line)

c. Automatic die cutter

d. Automatic folder gluer

For more information and registration form please reach us by email at <admin@bmpa.org>

Quote for use

“We pride ourselves on Jugaad. But when the Jugaad is documented and successfully replicated, it becomes an innovation,” Ashok Goel, Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Essel Propack.

“Today we have made a beginning. Well begun is half done, but only half! I am sure that looking at the presence here of such an audience, we shall go a long way in fulfilling our aspirations and objectives,” Tushar Bhotica, Chaiperson, BMPA Carton Forum

Some numbers shared at the Forum

  • While the entire spectrum of packaging industry in India is approximately the size of USD 25 billion or INR 150,000 cr.
  • The PaperBoard Packaging segment is currently estimated to be around 25,000 cr. Estimated to be growing @8% p.a. for the last 5 years, which is just around the 1.5 times the GDP rate of India in the same period.
  • Past studies have shown that the ratio of board Packaging growth to GDP is higher when GDP growth inches higher. So with a projection of GDP to grow @ 8 – 10 % in the coming years, we can all look forward to our segment growing @ 15 to 20% in the coming 5 years.
  • We should also note that the growth projection of our segment worldwide over the next 5 years is over 5% annually.
  • Currently the total consumption of paperboard worldwide is estimated to be 55 million tonnes. This means a per capita world average of less than 8 kg.
  • The per capita consumption in India is less than 4 kg, whereas in a relatively small country like Taiwan it is 20 kg, and in most of western Europe it is above 40 kg.

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