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About BMPA

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About BMPA

About BMPA

Know Us

The Bombay Master Printers Association is a well networked association of print providers, pre-press, pre-media specialists, post-press and converting, package printing, agencies; And printers’ suppliers i.e. manufacturers and traders.

In this age of cross-technology solutions and a communication cycle that is ultra dynamic; one that is continuously pushing the limits and reinventing the means; the BMPA acknowledges the growing inter-dependence amidst the printing technologies and allied media and communication processes.

We at the BMPA realize that to nurture, grow and promote this industry, it becomes essential to understand the importance of togetherness as opposed to isolation and importance of cohesiveness as opposed to fragmentation. The BMPA is a body that promotes, protects and unites Mumbai’s printing industry. It functions as a common force that updates and disseminates info and know-how to facilitate industry growth.

Your being a part of the association lends it power, strength which in-turn converts into a business advantage for you. We are you; thus being a part of the BMPA means translates into a direct commitment to your trade and craft. Read on to know more about us.


Vision & Mission:

Committed to improve the quality of life for the print community

  • To be a pre-eminent organization in developing co-operation amongst print specialists in matters of mutual interest
  • To provide state-of-the-art print technology education & expertise to the industry
  • To develop business leaders, technocrats and entrepreneurs committed to improve the quality of life for the printing community
  • To encourage and recognize excellence in printing
  • To articulate the concerns of the printing industry at relevant forums and to work towards the improvement of its conditions


Our Roots

Success of every community or association lies in its strong roots, while THE BMPA came into being in the year 1955, its conception goes long back to the year of India’s Independence. In the year 1947, a group of like minded and dedicated Printers of Bombay got together and thought hard to find an answer to the prevailing chaos and confusion in the printing industry. They had the greater common good of the industry in their hearts and the willingness to make a difference in their minds. Their vision was to conceive an association which the entire industry could turn to for guidance and assistance.

This vision and willingness gave way to ‘The Bombay Presidency Printers and Lithographers Association’. From this modest beginning, the association has grown, and is today a body of more than 500 members



In a world characterized by innovation and constant evolution one has to constantly raise the bar. The BMPA understands this nuance of the business world, and thus aim at facilitating the Printing industry to grow. The BMPA is a family that houses a broad base of members that includes, print providers, pre-press, pre-media specialists, post-press and converting, packaging printing, agencies, and printers’ suppliers i.e. manufacturers and traders.

The BMPA is a well networked association that has built strong ties with varied regional print associations across the country. We meet at the fulcrum organization – All India Federation of Master Printers – (AIFMP) New Delhi, which is a nodal representative of the Indian Printing industry. We are also affiliated with Maharashtra Mudran Parishad, which functions as the state level federation of printers’ association.

As of today we have more than 500 members and we are experiencing an organic growth. Being an association, the onus to keep the momentum going and supporting the industry we undertake many initiatives which include:

Print Vision India (AKA BMPA News) – A monthly newsletter that captures the action that has transpired during the bygone month, amalgamated with knowledge snippets provides the industry its dose of updates and insights.
Print India – An Expo that has had several editions under name of Print Vision and Print India, since the year 1997 to 2008, which was then resurrected by BMPA under the name PAMEX brand of exhibitions.
Print Summit – In the year 2005 which was the 50th Anniversary of BMPA a grand initiative was conceived to commemorate the occasion was the conference called Print Summit. The 8th Edition happened in 2013 and soon we are gearing up for the editions ahead. The Summit also is celebrated as the Printers Day in India.
Further on as an added measure and best practice the BMPA has also laid down the standard terms and conditions for its members. It is advised that these Terms & Conditions are printed by members on their varied business stationeries like challans, invoice, and quotes and also the Logo of the association should be incorporated within letter heads, and visiting cards to draw attention suitably. This in-effect will help members safe guard from default transactions. This has served as a stabilizing influence on the industry, and has resolved many a dispute between a client and a printer.

The Association strives continuously to assist its members to solve their problems. We have obtained the assistance of such expert consultants who are authorities in their respective fields. At present the association has consultants on subject matters like VAT (earlier known as Sales Tax), Excise & Service Tax and Company Affairs to efficiently handle these issues.

Yet another significant initiative breathing life under the BMPA wing is the PRIDEX & CARDEX. The BMPA is under the process of creating and periodically updating of two major industry centric indices:

PRIDEX – index of printing industry
CARDEX – index of folding carton industry

These indices will serve as a barometer for measuring different cost aspects of our industry and help tracking cost movements in an accurate, scientific and credible manner. We at BMPA firmly believe that these indices will definitely ensure the future of our industry, as they will be undertaken by none other than CRISIL and will reflect the periodic changes/fluctuations in prices of our raw materials. Making the process of asking for a price-increase that much more authentic and scientific.

The ‘Share-to-Benefit’ forum which fosters mutual knowledge sharing, spreading awareness; guidance related to printing technicalities, it also is a troubleshooting platform which solves all your queries.


Roll Of Presidents

A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position. —John Maxwell

Every great idea and every growing organization needs a proactive leader. THE BMPA has in its history witnessed commendable leaders who have on a pro-bono basis gone the extra mile to nurture this industry and this association. They have shaped, defined and molded what THE BMPA is today with an active support of members like you. They have provided the association the correct guidance and maneuvered it towards success. Here is the role of presidents’ right from the time of the association’s inception.