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About Print Summit

Print Summit is an annual 'Knowledge Seminar' hosted by our Association (Bombay Master Printers’ Association – BMPA, since 2005) for stakeholders from the print-packaging and allied industries. This annual event is undertaken by the Association as a unique effort to commemorate: Printers' Day. We enable this colloquium as a tribute to Johannes Gutenberg – a German innovator whose invention, the movable type, revolutionised mass printing. The master's technique/invention ultimately proved to be the catalyst which brought about Renaissance that ultimately Reformed Europe. Incidentally, Johannes Gutenberg was commemorated by the Time magazine as “Man of the Millennium” at the dawn of this millennia.

We are thrilled to announce that BMPA’s Print Summit turns 11 at the upcoming edition of the show. On Jan 24th 2017, Tata Theatre, NCPA, Mumbai.

Our collective goal is to make this 11th anniversary a Grand Event.

The BMPA is steadfast in its goal to construct an agenda that consolidates the progress made over every past Print Summit edition rendered since 2005 (when we held the first multi-day edition) and turn it into a celebration of Print and Communication. We desire to make the Key Note address more conspicuous and build content that resonates and heralds the changes that are shaping our industry - challenging it and redefining its relevance.

Some of the speakers at bygone Print Summits
Ajay Piramal, Kishore Biyani, Yoshiharu Komori, Ashish Hemrajani, Arnab Goswami, B S Nagesh, Vir Sanghvi, Pranav Parikh, Prof. Boman Moradian, Prof. V K Murti, Prof. Parimal Merchant, Prof Samsih Dalal, (Lt) Prof Rooshikumar Pandya, Radhakrishna Pillai, Steven Schnoll, Anthony Stanton, Prof. Dr. Rajendrakumar Anayath, P Narendra, Prof. Dr Eduard Neufeld, Santosh Nair and more.

Audience at Print Summit
Businesses from commercial printing, package printing, labels, POP-POS, wide format printing, on-demand printing, corrugation, creative industry and ad agency. Personalities attending the conference are largely owners, decision makers, technologists, shop floor personnel, marketeers, designers and IT & admin folks.

Print Summit Event Specs
Tuesday, Jan 24th 2017
Tata Theatre, NCPA Complex, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400021
Auditorium size – 1000
Last year’s head count 820

About The Bombay Master Printers' Association

BMPA’s Mission:

  • - BMPA is committed to improve the quality of life for the print community
  • - To be a pre-eminent organization in developing co-operation amongst print industry stake holders
  • - To develop business leaders, technocrats and entrepreneurs
  • - To encourage and recognize excellence in printing

In this era of cross-technology solutions and a communication cycle that is ultra dynamic; one that is continuously pushing the limits and reinventing the means; the BMPA acknowledges the growing inter-dependence amidst the printing technologies and allied media processes. As a result our membership is broad-based, comprising of firms who are engaged as: print providers, pre-press, pre-media specialists, post-press and converting, packaging printing, agencies; And printers’ suppliers i.e. manufacturers and traders.

We have been serving to the cause of the Print Industry for the last 60 and are a proud family of over 500 members from and around Mumbai.

On a national level, The BMPA is well networked with other regional printers' trade associations from all over India; All of whom assemble under the fulcrum organisation: All India Federation of Master Printers - a New Delhi based nodal rep of the printing industry. Presently there are over 55 regional associations from all over India come under the AIFMPs umbrella. Several nominees of the BMPA have served the Federation as its President over the last six decades. At the state (provincial) level the BMPA is similarly affiliated with the Maharashtra Mudran Parishad, which functions as a state level Federation of printers’ association. The President of the BMPA is a permanent member to the Development Council for Printing under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry (Dept. of Industrial Policy & Promotion), Central Government of India.

The Association has also laid down the standard terms and conditions for the printing industry. This has served as a stabilizing influence on the industry, and has resolved many a dispute between a client and a printer. The Association strives continuously to assist its members to solve their problems. It is fortunate to have obtained assistance of such expert consultants who are authorities in their respective fields. At present the association has a battery of consultants on VAT (earlier known as Sales Tax), Excise & Service Tax and Company Affairs to efficiently handle these issues. The BMPA is constantly endeavouring to arrive upon a uniform and scientific method of costing for the print industry and implementing of standards for business operations and conduct.

About The Indian Print Industry
The annual turnover of Indian printing industry is in excess of Rs.1,00,000 crores. Printing jobs are being exported to over 120 countries of the world both developed and developing nations. In recent times Indian exports of books, printed pamphlets, newspapers & periodicals, job printing and printed materials is estimated to the tune of USD 880 million.

Today the Indian Sub- continent has over 1,30,000 of all types of printing presses all over the country and more than 10 Million family involved in the Print Industry crossing 20 billion plus turnover and the per capita consumption of Paper & Paperboard stands at 4.5 Kgs per year. CAPEX via machinery, new and second hand, is predominantly sourced from China, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, the Netherland, Switzerland, Spain, Taiwan, USA and UK. Direct employment created by Indian Printing Industry is factored to be about 7,00,000 and businesses operating printing presses are 1,30,000 and indirect employment is estimated at least another 4,50,000 with over 60,000 functional press installations (offset, sheetfed - webfed).

The Indian print industry in recent years has recorded a 12.6% CAGR which is expected to grow till Rs.232 bn from Rs.128 bn by 2011. Indian print industry is highly fragmented. There are number of Indian print players who are confined to their local regions and would like to refrain from entering new territories due to lack of funds. The relaxation in foreign investment regulations by the government in 2002 has given the industry a leverage to expand further.

Push factors (growth drivers in our businesses)
Drivers of Literacy
Infrastructure growth

Pull factors (drivers that disrupt our business models continuously)
The growing options and just-in-time relevance of consumption of information and entertainment via new media (internet, mobile platforms, OOH, electronic media aka television and radio etc.) radically poses challenges to our industry


We are excited to bring a calendar of monthly training sessions under the SaS series with the specic mandate of improving the skill levels of your team members

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Print Summit 2017

Print Summit is an annual 'Knowledge Seminar' hosted by The Bombay Master Printers' Association (BMPA) for stake holders

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